OPM(UK) reveals world exclusive God Of War III Review


God Of War III, the game that has had praised lavished on it since its many playtests, the game that has been touted as the Playstation 3 Exclusive that will have other gamers drooling and rushing to buy a PlayStation 3 console.

Well even with all the hype preceeding this game, and the acclaimed success of the previous two titles in the series, God Of War III has huge expectations to deliver a unique breathtaing experience only possible on the Playstation 3, but whether it will is unknown until the game releases in mid march (16th US – 19th EU).

But this morning (11th Feb), some lucky Official PlayStation Magizine UK subscribers will get their hands on a World Exclusove God Of War III Review. Althought most people will be expecting a perfect 10/10, the Magazine gave it a high score of 9/10. 

Although a 9/10 is a great score, some fans will undoubtably be disappointed with this score, considering perfect 10/10 review scores the magazine gave for other PlayStation 3 Exclusive titles such as Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, LittleBigPlanet and Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. This only shows the extremely high expectations for this game and how eager fans are to see it succeed. Either way, a 9/10 is a great review score to start with and it only reinforces my believe that this game will truly deliver that epic experience by really utilising the power of the PlayStation 3 console, just as its predecssors, God of War I & II, did on the PlayStation 2.

To read the full review, you’ll have to wait until Tuesday 16th when the magazine hits the stores. Unless of course you are on of those lucky subscribers.

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