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Orion and Friends' FIFA 14 Gameplay Slider Settings


Not quite enjoying FIFA 14 with the default settings? Want something a bit more realistic? Well, this post is just for you. Yes, YOU!

Over at the Operation Sports forum well-known and respected user Orion523 (there’s been some input from others too) has come up with some gameplay sliders that turn FIFA 14 into a much more realistic and satisfying gameplay experience. We’ve tried them out, and they are bloody good.

Orion and friends recommend changing a few other settings too, but you can obviously tweak them to your skill level and experience. For instance, we prefer 10 minutes halves rather than 15, it’s just better when you’re playing Career Mode in our opinion. Again, feel free to tweak to your liking, but this really is a fantastic base to work from.

The settings and sliders and listed below. Give them a try and let us know what you think.

*UPDATED 2nd October 2013*

Game Settings

Controls: Full manual
Half length: 15 Minutes (we prefer 10 minutes)
Difficulty: World Class (or Legendary)
Game speed: Normal
Analog sprint: On
Camera: Default

Gameplay Sliders (User/CPU)

Sprint: 45/45
Acceleration: 48/48
Shot Error: 54/56
Pass Error: 51/69
Shot Speed: 51/51
Pass Speed: 53/53
Injury Frequency: 71/71
Injury Severity: 25/25
GK Ability: 49/49
Marking: 54/50
Run Frequency: 56/56
Line Height: 50/50
Line Length: 48/48
Line Width: 51/51
Fullbacks: 54/54
First Touch: 52/56
Power Bar: 50

Orion updates the sliders and settings regularly if he notices something or gets feedback, so we’d recommend you keep checking the opening post in the thread on Operation Sports.

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