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Overhaul For Mobile FIFA 14?


In a year where all the focus is on the next generation, will the mobile version of FIFA 14 be forgotten?

The FIFA series has enjoyed some success on mobile platforms in the wake of the smartphone revolution. With yearly releases showing clear improvements on their predecessors and innovative new gameplay additions, its no surprise that they’re so popular. Last year’s FIFA 13 was a great experience that not only provided a great mobile experience, but also great value for money. With EA focusing heavily on the impending arrival of the next generation you could forgive the Mobile development team for a minor update this season.

This is not the case however, with this year’s game offering more leagues and features than any other mobile football title. But this year’s biggest change comes on the gameplay front. The team MacLife managed to get some hands-on with Mobile FIFA 14 and were impressed with the way it’s shaping up.

Speaking with Lucian Cotreanti, product marketing manager at developer Electronic Arts Romania, he says;

“We thought there should be something more,”

“We started by saying, ‘How can we redefine what the football experience is on a touch device?'”

They quickly came to the conclusion to separate the experience from the console influenced button approach.

“There should be no more buttons…”

The result is a more clean visual expereince with no obtrussive buttons and simpler more rewarding touch controls. We are personally welcoming the introduction of swipe-to-shoot! These news controls are clearly tailored towards a mobile device, something FIFA has attempted to do in the past, but with limited success.

“The speed and the length of my swipe determines the strength [of the shot],”

In an effort not to upset fans of the existing control scheme, EA will also keep the existing control scheme as well. The mobile version will now feature a whopping 30 leagues and will also feature Online Play and FIFA Ultimate Team as new modes. Also expect full commentary packs as additional downloads.

Last week at E3, EA exexcutive Frank Gibeau hinted that FIFA on mobile devices might become Free-To-Play. When he was asked why FIFA remained one of the few EA games that was not freemium he responded;

“I think you’ll be very pleased this fall…”

Imagine that, a more rewarding mobile football experience that includes FUT and it might be free!

Source: MacLife & CVG

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