PAC-MAN Hits The Great Heights With Old Friends


In preparation for the launch of PAC-MAN and the Ghostly Adventures next month, Namco Bandai have certainly done something rather unique!.

London commuters ere left stunned whilst driving along the M4 on Monday night (24th February) to discover the friendly yellow character standing 80 feet tall and plastered across the iconic SEGA building in Chiswick. Way to get noticed right!

PAC-MAN was reunited with ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’ to celebrate the upcoming launch of the new PAC-MAN title next month. The plug was pulled 5 minutes in, however, when security guards were alerted by local authorities as this was a stunt clearly designed to shock, delight and decorate Sega’s impressive building that graces West London. The projectors used were the most powerful in the UK and produce a 30m wide x 25m high projection area.

Lee Kirton, PR & Marketing Director, Bandai Namco Games UK stated:

We wanted to be cheeky, create some fun, but obviously do it quietly. Something that’s hard to do in the game’s industry, but slightly easier at midnight. We hope Sega aren’t offended, more delighted

One of the witnesses to the occasion, Robert Leney, Data Broker, 34 also added:

I’ve been travelling home on the M4 every night for the last 15 years and the massive Sonic character has always been a marker that I’m entering London. I was in complete shock to see it had been taken over by PAC MAN. It’s all good though as I love seeing my two favourite childhood video game characters reunited again.

Have a look at some images showing the fantastic showing and let us know your thoughts via the comment section below.

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