Pandora's Tower Release Date Announced


Nintendo have announced that their upcoming action-packed RPG, Pandora’s Tower will be released exclusively on the Nintendo Wii on April 13th.

Pandora’s Tower see’s gamers take on the role of Aeron. Aeron is a soldier who is battling to save his beloved friend Elena from a mysterious curse that is seeing her transform into a demonic creature. His only way to save her is battling through the towers of a nearby fortress. He battles using his sword and the magical Oraclos Chain, trying to defeat the creatures that lurk waiting for him and harvest their meat in order to feed Elena. Once Elena has ate all of the ‘master flesh’ from each tower, she will be fully cured of the curse and from its powerful, monstrous grip. Judging when to return the meat to her is crucial as not coming back in time will fully transform Elena into a demonic beast.

There are multiple possible endings as well as a New Gamee+ mode mode which makes Pandora’s Tower have great replay value whilst changing Aeron and Elena’s fate. After spending time with Elena, you will find yourself becoming familiar with her plight and leaving her to continue your quest will prove difficult. Taking time to build your bond with Elena will also change the Ultimate ending of the story.

Whilst you are exploring the labyrinthine towers you will find yourself coming across a wide range of items. Mavda is a mysterious travelling merchant who can upgrade your weapons and create new special items by combining two or more items you have previously found. The items can also be given to Elena as gifts in order to strengthen your bond or be used yourself in order to battle the 13 masters.

Nintendo have also today released a set of 5 specially themed e-card images. These feature Aeron, Elena, Mavda and some key pieces of artwork from the game. These can be seen as the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day although it should be advised that the recipient of the cards know a thing or two about the concept of the game.

With a powerful soundtrack consisting of some of the most popular classical music including composers Verdi and Tchaikovsky, this is the latest must-get RPG for the Nintendo Wii. Let us know if you will be picking this up via the comment section below.

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