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Passing Assistance Online Lobbies – Your Say


Online petition started to try and appease online issues.

WENB is trying to respond growing online concerns by combating individual issues where possible. When the game was released in Europe, many people complained about the fact passing was an issue when playing assisted. When the game came out in the UK, same thing happened.

Thing is, it’s important to try and gather as much information as possible, and also whether it’s something you guys want. As always, forums are littered with people who think if they have 10 or so other people who agree with them, it means thousands do. Sad but true. It’s our job to try and gauge the issues in size, and figure out what the majority actually think.

So the first thing we’re attacking is passing assistance lobbies. If you guys are finding playing players will full assistance an issue, please get involved by jumping on twitter and using the #pesops hash-tag.

If these campaigns prove successful, then we’ll look to do more in the future. Things like general gameplay speed and even players prefering the game pre-patch 1.01 have engulfed communities recently, and if they prove to be more than internet heroes having their time, we’ll support it.

Get involved!

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