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Patch 1.03 Now Available Along with Data Pack 3!


Konami have teased us with their latest Patch and it is now here!

As an extra surprise for christmas they also included a third Data Pack with masses of new boots & new celebrations!

There was a lot of confused faces when Konami announced another Patch so soon after the previous version but the reviews have been very positive so far.

However, when the data pack downloads it will reset your squads UNLESS you follow what the boys from Only Pro Evolutions have said:

“IMPORTANT: When you install DP3, you’ll be asked whether you want to update your line-ups.
If you want the thirteen new boots but you don’t want any changes to your squads and line-ups, when asked to, DO NOT APPLY the line-ups update and your option file will not be harmed. ”

Their full article can be found here.

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