Payday 2 Confirmed for 2013


505 Games and Starbreeze Studios have announced they have partnered to bring the previously announced title Payday and P13 (working title), to gamers worldwide in 2013.

P13 comes as a action-adventure game which will be available for download title next year and Payday 2 comes as the next installment after the wildly successful FPS Payday: The Heist. The game will be available for download.

Ian Howe, president, 505 Games North America stated:

“Our partnership with Starbreeze Studios is a testament to 505 Games’ commitment to working with top development talent, In addition to working with an amazing studio we are honored to also partner with acclaimed Swedish film director Josef Fares whose creative genius is bringing P13 to life.”

Mikael Nermark, CEO and president of Starbreeze added:

“When we started to plan the next steps for Starbreeze we wanted to find a partner, not just a traditional publisher, and 505 Games fit that criteria, We feel that this collaboration can grow into a long-term partnership.”

Let us know if your excited by the partnership and the confirmation of Payday 2 and P13 via the comment section below.

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