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The digital version of PC Gamer US has now been released on the US Steam store.

PC Gamer Digital provides a unique and fresh means of keeping up to date with the gaming industry, and boasts streamlined community features across multiple forms of social networking. As opposed to it’s boring paper counterpart, the Digital issues promise high levels of interactivity through the means of explorable game levels and maps, coupled with video tutorials and behind the scenes footage.

The price of Episode 1 is just $1.99 and weighs in at just over 2GB, but we are not sure whether this is simply a low introductory price (like those magazines where you can build a tank, but it actually ends up costing £3.5 Million over 6,700 issues). Athough it is currently only available on the US store, it will be spreading world wide very soon. Below is a list of features taken from the store page:

  • You’ll explore levels and maps from the hottest upcoming PC games long before the first gameplay videos arrive.
  • You’ll learn winning strategies from the experts on the latest multiplayer games, maps and mods – and get better at the ones you already play.
  • We’ll show you how to get the most out of your PC gaming experience, with regular interactive tutorials that show you how to optimize your PC for framerate or quality, benchmark your PC, create your own games, and more. And all with dynamic images and video that let you learn and discover at your own pace.
  • You’ll get exclusive studio tours, behind-the-scenes, explorations of the game development process, and direct your own interviews with the game developers themselves.
  • And you’ll do all of this in the company of your friends, Steam groups, and PC gamers around the world!

The ability to fly around annotated levels, or levels of games which have not even been released yet really gets our juices flowing, and the list of directions PC Gamer could go with this is phenomenal. It seems to be geared more towards the online multiplayer aspects of games, providing tips and tutorials to help raise your game. You can watch the video here for a brief and very Americanised trailer.

As always we will keep you updated with any announcements related to PC Gamer Digital heading towards the UK, so keep an eye out.




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