PDC World Championship Darts: Pro Tour Announced – 9 Dart Finish Or Just Another Broken Flight?


Some news about a new darts game being released, I played the previous PCD World Championship Darts game , while fun for a while, it got very repetitive and ultimately boring very quickly.

Darts is a sport that is hard to portray in a video game, as having a ring circling the board at various speeds doesn’t exactly compare to throwing a real dart, however, maybe this is a game that could incorporate PlayStation Move?

O-Games has just released the PDC World Championship Darts game: Pro Tour announced that the passion and competition into your living room does. The game lets you play with your friends and includes a lot of new features that will soon be brought out.

The game will appear sometime in the fourth quarter of this year on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii.

The game now for the first time on the PlayStation 3 has published six new players, including the two finalists in the Premier League, Mervyn King and Simon Whitlock.

O-Games CEO, Jim Scott has to say about the game saying:

“PDC World Championship Darts darts Provides an authentic experience right into your living room.Now you-can experience all the highs and lows & the emotions of the big darts matches Against you family and friends. Without a doubt this is by far the best darts game made, it’s very easy to play and enjoy and great fun for everyone. “

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