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PELLUK Online Leagues


If you play your virtual football on the Xbox 360 and you’re looking for some serious games (and serious fun), PELLUK.co.uk might be for you. The site hosts online leagues and cups for both PES 2009 and FIFA 09, but there’s a twist; register now and once you’re a member you can use their Total Football Management system to buy and sell players, truly customising your squad.

Sound too good to be true? Take a look at this.

The unique edge which gives PELLUK that extra spark is its Total Football Management System. Total Football Management uses the PES/FIFA editors to allow you to construct a squad within the confines of the PELLUK rules. Using their custom online transfer system, you manage your budget, sell your players, pick up bargains and build your legacy! Sound complicated? We use a fully automated online member centre for you to do this quickly and easily. This coupled with detailed statistic tracking and in-depth match reporting make it a fully interactive management experience. They have also documented every task with detailed online help files, allowing anyone to be able to join the experience.

So the next time you see somebody playing with fully-assisted controls, shooting from kick-offs and scoring nothing but cut-backs, remember; there is an alternative!

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