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Penpas Tweets More PES 2011


Our Brazilian attendee at the PES Tour event has been busy on twitter again, this time posting up the above pic, and answering a few more questions.

Here’s a selection:

Q: hi, did you saw anything new in player stats attributes??i would know who makes stats in pes games…

We actually interviewed for a little bit the guy who does the attributes of the #PES2011 players. And it is a hardwork.

Q: what do the goal nets look like? are they tight and square like premiership nets or do they still look like the ones in pes2010?

Mark, I really don’t take a good look on this detail! For me the nets are exactly the same from #PES2010

Q: hi, what about the pace in PES2011,if they tend for realism i hope they made it slower

I cant reveal this right now, but what i can say is #konami add one feature that will make your life much easier mate. #PES

Q: Hi, I’ve a question for you: how many teams you could play on the Pes 2011’s demo?

This is a secret yet, but Italy was one of them!

Huge thanks to Captain Flapjack for the heads up.

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