Perception 'Low-Vision' Mode Revealed


The Deep End Games have today revealed a special low-vision mode for Perception to help the game more accessible to those who have low vision.

The low vision mode will include options for large subtitles, high contrast, reticle selection, and text to speech. Amanda Gardner, Lead Writer and Producer stated:

During our concepting stage, we did a lot of research to learn more about vision impairment, blindness and how people can still be empowered despite those challenges. We found that to be very inspiring to us as game developers but also as human beings. In an ideal world we’d love to make the game blind accessible as well, but that would require a number of significant design changes beyond the scope of our funding goal. We will, however, commit resources to exploring our options to determine if there is a right solution. We always felt that if we were going to do it, we were going to do it properly. We haven’t given up yet.

They have also revealed that if the Kickstarter hits $250,000 after release, they will donate up to $25,000 of the game’s proceeds at retail to “World Access for the Blind,” a Non-Profit organization that teaches blind people to ”discover a new way of ‘seeing through sound’”. They will donate $1 for every copy sold within the first year of the PC release, up to $25,000. The final amount will be determined and notarized one year after the PC game releases on Steam or when the game exceeds 25,000 units in sales, whichever comes first. The Deep End Games’ Creative Director Bill Gardner commented:

We are amazed by the media attention that the game has received so far and we hope that this buzz helps raise awareness for those with accessibility needs. We wanted to contribute to one organization in particular that has been truly inspiring. When we discovered Daniel Kish and World Access for the Blind, we were incredibly energized. For us, it made Cassie and the world of Perception more real. As such, we felt that it made sense to pay it forward and help create awareness for this amazing cause

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