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PES 2009 PC Shows Konami The Way…


…Thanks to the extremely gifted and creative editing community.

The pic in the header shows Ronaldo in his full glory, sporting some of the perks you get when you play on PC with the latest version. I discuss how the community are showing Konami the way, especially when it comes to getting the most out of a criticized engine graphically.

It’s something many of the fans are aware if, but to most it’s not something that’s very well publicized. The PC platform has for years been the easiest to edit and create patches for, bringing the best from the game that for years has always suffered from authenticity issues. Years gone by the editing community have been able to mix the quality of gameplay, with their choice of reality.

As we all know PES hasn’t hit the highs of years gone by, but that hasn’t stopped a talented bunch of people getting the most out of the current graphical engine. Evidence of this is brought to you by Ronaldo in a few screens here, but can be found to it’s full potential elsewhere. From official kits, boots, balls etc, to more significant inclusions like new stadiums and turf – the list is endless. I recently played a match at a friends, playing Milan vs Chelsea at Stamford Bridge. I had to blink twice, as the recreation of the solid structure in the game was breathtaking. That along with the official kits, pitch textures and crowd chants gave me a feeling I was playing a different game.

And while this didn’t bring back the best time I had with PES regarding gameplay, it certainly was the most impressive looking football game I had witnessed – and showed me just what this engine can do.

Due to obvious reasons we can’t post links to the many patches here, but a quick search on google will get you the info fast. I advise all of you who aren’t aware of this to check it out if you get the chance, because (like I’ve been saying to Konami recently) seeing is believing. 

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