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PES 2010 1.02 Update Hits


As PESFan reported earlier today, a new patch has been released today from Konami for PC, PS3 and XBOX 360.

The patch, weighing in at 27MB, seems to be an update for an update, paving the way for future content to be released WITHOUT messing with our edited data. For more details click here.

There’s been many cynical posts about this, but in my opinion is awesome news. The fact that the edited data that the fans have created, and the many hours spent on option files won’t be reset is in fact EPIC news. So rather than ridicule Konami for not releasing something more substantial, I applaud them for launching this update to make sure user content is untouched. In the future we’ll appreciate this feature a great deal, and I hope in times where no matter what Seabass & Co. do seems to be enough, people will start to give them credit when its due.

Thanks to both Lami and Caniggia for the heads up!

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