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PES 2010 Edit Mode Dissected


Finally managed to spend some time in edit mode and figure what can and can’t be edited, and what additions we have for this year. After mixing between PES 2009 and PES 2010 to spot the differences in edit mode, you’ll get the full low down on what the game has to offer after the jump. And no, the header pic isn’t from PES 2010, no screens from incomplete code are allowed.

First of all lets discuss Kits. Like in PES 2009, you have 81 different templates with 4 different layers. While its the same, Konami have updated the templates to accommodate 09/10 designs. So, the new umbro (Everton) and puma designs (Tottenham Hotspur) are easily made.

Another good thing is that the ‘home made’ kits really hold up against the licensed ones. I managed to make the Everton kits for example, and they look as good as the real thing.

Staying with teams, there is now the possibility to have 8 different chants per team! 5 from normal, gameplay moments AND 3 for specific occasions – After you score, taking set-pieces, and after a victory.

Onto player editing. You now, as you are aware of I’m sure, are able to untuck and tuck in shirts. There’s also the return of 4 dribbling animations, the same as the PS2 ones with the next-gen sheen. Unfortunately, you still can’t edit facial hair on players already in the game.

Onto boots.

Right now the boots in the game are as follows:

Adidas Predator Swerve X-TRX SG White
Adidas Predator Swerve X-TRX SG Black
F50 Tunit Blue
Adidas Adipure Black
Nike CTR360 Maestri FG Black/Red
Mecurial Vapor Superfly Orion Blue
T90 Laser Silver/Black/Red
Tiempo Legend FG White/ Blue
Puma V1.08 White/Blue
Puma V-konstruct III White/Blue
Umbro Speciali Black

Then you have 13 slots of random boots, giving us a total of 24 boots. No editable boots then, but I’m very confident the 13 slots will represent them.

Thats all I have right now. Seeing as the code is 75% complete, I’m sure there will be a few more additions to edit mode before release.

We’ll get a full list of teams to you sometime tomorrow, we have to wait for some announcements at Gamescom before talking about licensed teams. Stay tuned!

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