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PES 2010 Rumours Surface


It’s been a long time. WENB hasn’t been in the rumour business for a while, and with the site going through a bit of a roller coaster these last few months it good to get back to basics. Getting the news first is what we thrive in, and it was something we managed do very well last year.

With that in mind we’re happy to give you guys the latest teasing information coming from our friends in the industry regarding PES 2010. While we can’t name them officially, but everyone will know the guys who have helped the blog in the past and understand these people are to be listened to – especially as they were very critical of PES 2009.

To simplify things, lets list them in bullet points:

  • PES 2010 team will have 200 extra people working on the game
  • New graphics and animation engine
  • The Spanish La Liga license is back, amongst other lost licenses in the past
  • The community mode is in
  • Master League revamp
  • The UEFA Europa License is a target
  • 10 vs 10 online is a target

For many the list is believable, but only in the sense that there’s many things on there that people expect.

I haven’t contacted Konami UK over the list as they don’t respond to rumours, but I have managed to talk to other officials in Europe. Without being committal on anything specifically, there response added up to ‘Some are wrong, some are right, and some are below what we will achieve.’ The guy has obviously had some media training…

We’ll have some more info very soon, but in the meantime lets appreciate the unappreciated Wii version of PES 2009. Released March 27th in Europe, we’ll have a review very soon.

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