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PES 2011 DLC Hits **UPDATED**


Rosters, boots and CL teams added.

Earlier today Konami released the first DLC pack for PES 2011, which includes 4 new nike boots, club rosters updated, and moved a few teams into the CL mode with appropriate kits.

So far everything seems to be fine with the WENB UK OF, although users with their own stadiums created and Bundesliga players registered have come into some bother. If you have a different OF please check on the boards before applying the DLC to avoid disappointment.


It should be noted that if you apply the roster update but do not save your edit file, you can reboot the game and be prompted if you wish to apply the update again.

If you click no on reboot and save the Option File, everything will remain as it was before the update with the exception of the kits being updated and the new boots being available from the extra content menu as well as the new wallpapers. Should you wish to apply the roster update you can still do so by defaulting the squads from the edit mode menu. This will erase all squad work done before however.

Basically what Konami have done, be it by design or accident, is allow users to continue playing with an existing Option File while the editing community stalwarts update the Option File to incorporate the new roster update. Think of it as a delaying tactic that could benefit players and Option File makers alike. The player can continue to play the game with existing edit data in place and gives some breathing space to the committed Option File makers who will not feel quite as much pressure to get something out quickly. Perhaps worth remembering in future for all concerned.

This of course is something we needn’t worry about with an Option File from WENB not too far away that will implement the roster updates the new DLC offered!

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