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PES 2011 @ E3 – Gamespot Preview


Well previews are coming in thick and fast, no doubt everyone is finding it hard to keep up! While we wait for our good friends from GodIsAGeek.com to pop up their impressions, Gamespot have posted theirs already.

Why is this important? Simples, they were one of the places that were chosen to go to Tokyo! So an updated playtest report is welcome. A stand out paragraph from the report is this:

On the field, Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 is equally promising. We’re told that 90 percent of the player animations are new this year, and it shows. Players are now significantly more responsive, and while it’s possible to perform tricks and feints (and even to link feints together), you’re unlikely to need them very often because you can beat opponents simply by turning quickly with the ball or by passing intelligently. Passing the ball around feels great in Pro Evo 2011 because while it’s still quite easy to string short to-feet passes together, you’re now afforded much more control to pass the ball in any direction and at any pace without the AI interfering and making assumptions about where your pass was supposed to go.

Response times sharp and no need for tricks to beat a man? Sounds like PES is back to me…

For the full, extremely positive report, click here.

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