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PES 2011 Feedback Section Opens


It’s a tad crazy to start thinking about next year, especially with the PSP, PS2 and Wii versions of PES 2010 still not on the shelves – but its now or never. PES 2010 feedback started around summer time this year, with most of the important stuff already in place. This year we want to get in early, and use the instant responses the fan base had after playing PES 2010 to shape the series for the better.

In many ways its time for us all to step back and contemplate where PES is right now, and where it should be. The reviews severely conflicted with impressions from the core fan base, as do the (so far) disappointing sales of the game. Theres obviously something not quite right, and nows the time for even the most passionate fan to be critical on a series that still has some way to go to capture the imagination of the masses.

So don’t hesitate, let us know what you want to see in PES 2011 now, by clicking here!

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