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PES 2011 @ Gamescom Impressions


Just a quick write up here from staff member Benjamin Wolf (aka Chaos from the boards). He was one of the many WENB representatives at the event, and was kind enough to do a short write up on his impressions on PES 2011 Gamescom code.

‘Games Com’e and go

Sadly the PES series went away with the rise of nextgen consoles and it seems to hide somewhere. This year, everything is said to be different, but that was the same story last year. And the year before. To see if I can find the hiding prey again, I came to gamescom in Cologne.

Can you show me the screen, please?

When we (that’s Adam, his wife, Gari and me) arrived at the fairground, our first target was the PES2011 booth. As soon as we arrived at Konami’s place we had to fight for a way to the consoles that contained our precious. In an instant I grabbed a controller and inspected the menus while Marvin and Jan from prorevo were setting up the camera to record some videos (that all of you should have seen by now!).

Amazed I saw and selected my beloved Bayern Munich, a team that has been absent (just like PES’ glory) for the past few years. This first match was like the first dose of a serious drug. I had to return to this beauty of the show multiple times a day and every day I was in Cologne. (It’s been nominated for the best performance at gamescom, btw., and rightly so) The game looks so much better than the MLO beta, but still not as good as preview code. Player face detail is stunning, kits are brilliant and the pitch looks very realistic.

Aim for the impossible, but start slowly

I had played only 5 matches in the MLO beta, so I wasn’t used to the new passing system at all. 80% of my passes
went wide, short or wrong, but definitely not to their intended targets. But that changed. Quickly. The more I was playing, the more I was growing onto the system. And it is rewarding, indeed. Remember the feeling of getting an A grade in a difficult exam you’ve learned days for? Then you know what I’m talking about and I can go on. After a while of controlled build-up play, I tried my first passes that aimed behind enemy lines. And that was not a simple task to perform as the defenders positioned themselves very well. But as soon as my striker ran for the ball and jostled with his opponents successfully, I completely forgot to finish because I was still staring at the screen in disbelief: that looked like real life football! After a while I got used to it but still loved it. And I still do.

In a match against Gari I scored a cracker with Schweinsteiger (you can see that in our YouTube channel) that caused
me to shout out loud “Woah!!”. That rarely happened in PES2010 (probably twice?). I had several moments that caused a shout, either goals, tricks or close misses. Today, on my last day at gamescom, I started to play around with the trick stick. And it looked amazing. So many different animations, beautiful and useful at the same time.

Can you keep that for me?

One of my biggest concerns were the keepers (no, you’re not deceived by your eyes, were. See below). You might have seen some serious mistakes they made in the gameplay videos. Apart from those situations, they look, move and keep very well. I’ve seen many new animations and very nice saves. And I don’t know, which difficulty is set as standard setting. If you ask me, I’ll go for average player (3 of 5) or even advanced beginner (2 of 5). In addition to the matches I played at the booth, I got the chance to meet Jon Murphy and to play a match on the latest code with Asim Tanvir from godisageek. The only thing that I’m going to tell you: I left Jon and the Konami press area with a big, big smile on my face.

So while I’m going home from gamescom now (I’m at Frankfurt at the moment), PES is coming back. This year. With a BANG!

Thanks for reading.

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