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PES 2012 OF creator supremo Vinni releases dedicated African Cup Of Nations Option File, to coincide with the ongoing tournament.

It’s compatible with the UK PES 2012 PS3 version (BLES 1406)

Each team has:

  • Up to date kits, as far as I can find decant images of. Angola have been improved as I wasn’t too sure about the formula or colours used on the original team pack and I think they look better now
  • Up to date formations, as per a site I use for all my formations
  • The African default fan chant, which I’ve noticed includes the vuvuzela at times too
  • Correct names and shirt names given to all fake players who don’t have duplicates and any doppelgangers have been removed and replaced with the club version, I have removed Adebayor from Togo as he has retired from International Football
  • All 8 participating teams have the squad that they have announced for the tournament. Some players have been created to do this. Therefore, the advice is that if anyone is told by the game, when importing, that these players will overwrite players they already have, they should say yes and overwrite them, it won’t affect anything, only remove some players that were fake named anyway


Download the file here (LINK UPDATED 24 Jan WITH TEAM/KIT FIXES). A guide to import teams can be found here.

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