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PES 2012 Feedback Section Closed!


Feedback for this years game has come to a close, as a new way to let Konami what you think of the game is just weeks away.

First of all, a massive thanks to everyone for their dedication in contributing to the official feedback section, in a bid to get PES back to it’s best. With a few weeks left until PES 2012 is announced, we’ve decided to close the section now as realistically we’ve reached a cut off point of what can and can’t be added to the game before launch.

But don’t fret!

Konami are set to launch a new way of how users can feedback ongoing announcements very soon, meaning you can give your reaction to news and pose ideas as soon as it’s up and running. We’ll also be focusing on feedback on ongoing announcements in the news and discussion section part of the forums, so your voice won’t be lost. And looking ahead to September/October, we’ll reopen the official feedback section dedicated to PES 2013!

Thanks again for all your hard work!

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