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PES 2013 Blog Day 1 – Why Brazil?


Over the next week WENB will be posting daily updates leading up to the launch of PES 2013 news, to get you all prepared for what should be a huge day on May 30th! In our first update, we speak about why the PES 2013 First Look event took place in beautiful Brazil!

Why Brazil?

Downtown Sao Paulo

When Konami were planning the first look event, the venue of the event is usually one of the first things that needs to be nailed down. After much thought, the decision was to have the event in Brazil. It wasn’t just as simple as the wonderful weather, picturesque views and relaxing beaches defining the decision, although I’m sure those things helped! It was a culmination of various factors, one of which being the huge success of the franchise in that part of the world.

Estádio do Pacaembu in Sao Paulo

As we reported back in April, PES 2012 has developed a massive following in Latin America, and in a bid to highlight the recently announced success Brazil was seen as a perfect backdrop. The Brazilian league is also renowned for its skill, pace and excitement, a trio of elements that coincide with the new emphasis of PES 2013. This coupled with the fact Brazilian sensation Neymar is a cover star in the US, and of course the Copa Libertadores license is exclusive to the PES series, it all starts to add up nicely.

It was also a great opportunity to reward those who have supported the series more vigorously than others, and with the South American press there in force, it meant the fans who have made PES the only football game worth playing in their backyard will have fantastic coverage of their beloved series.

A picture from inside the stadium

So there you have it! Hopefully I convinced you there were more than enough professional reasons for picking Brazil over other potential countries. Nothing to do with the weather & beaches…honest…

Stay tuned over the next week for more information on the event that took place. Tomorrow, we’ll be revealing the members of the PES Team who traveled from Japan, and bringing you closer to the team who made the game!

Don’t miss it!

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