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PES 2013 Blog Day 2 – Meet The Team


Onto our second blog post, and today we’ll be taking you through the PES team members at the event.

The PES Team are a large, dedicated group of people who are extremely passionate about football as a whole. There’s a very large permanent team based in Tokyo and three of the most senior members made a daunting journey from Japan to Brazil. Daunting because they had to fly to the UK first before making the flight to South America, meaning they were in the air for over a day!

Manorito Hosoda (left), Naoya Hatsumi (Middle), Toru Kato (Right)

The 3 members of the PES team were Manorito Hosoda (Marketing Producer), Naoya Hatsumi (Senior Producer) and Toru Kato (Manager). Toru was a valuable asset at the event, thanks to the fact he spoke excellent English. While adding his own thoughts and knowledge, he translated everything Manorito and Naoya were conveying during the event. Saying that, both of them seemed to have a basic level of understanding, and Manorito in particular was hilarious with his sharp one liners!

PES Team posing with Konami US staff members

As you would expect though, both Manorito and Naoya were important figures when it came to detailing the game, and by talking to them away from the event I realised just how passionate they are about football. It’s something you would obviously expect, being two producers at a football game studio, but with there being so much mystique around the PES team as a whole, it was amazing to be able to get to know what makes these guys tick. The 3 members typified the passion and understanding of football, and showcased why the PES series is so special. Those elements, those specific nuances, that stylistic approach etc everything was clear to see.

Naoya Hatsumi’s bag!

I hope the community get a better opportunity to get to know the PES Team as a whole, as we can all benefit from getting to know what drives the guys behind our wonderful series.

Make sure you keep an eye out on the official website and official Facebook page over the next few days, where Konami will be releasing some extra info of the PES Team.

Tomorrow, we take a look at the planning that went into the actual day of the playtest! See you then!

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