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PES 2013 Blog Day 3 – Pre-Event


Day 3, and it’s time to build up to the weekend by talking about the planning that went into the big event day!

It was an early start, as we entered the bottom floor of the hotel which was to be the home of the PES 2013 event. The first few hours was spent on organising the tables and chairs, placing the pods and testing the PES 2013 code the press were going to see the next day. Everything went smoothly, as we got onto planning the presentation!

Event space set up, as Konami UK PR chief Steve Merrett takes a break!

What followed was an incredible insight into how these type of events are planned, and what role the team and the likes of Jon Murphy have in influencing the content.With Toru translating, and with the help of a separate translating team in attendance, we gradually work through the points Naoya and Manorito want to get across. Jon was on hand to guide them polishing up on more European terminology, to make sure the message coming from Konami was easy to understand  for the press.

Jon talks with PES team about the presentation

With the presentation involving a host of impressive videos showcasing the many improvements, the PES Team systematically go through the elements vigorously,  spending hours fine-tuning small segments to make sure everything comes across clearly and concisely. This is one example of the meticulous attention to detail shown by the team, as no stone was ever left unturned. The passion for the product, and the desire to make sure everything was fleshed out and translated perfectly was clear to see. Geniuses at work!

Manorito and Hatsumi go through the translation with a separate team

As we neared the end of the day, Toru had a magnitude of notes in hand, and everyone seemed more than content with what had been achieved that day. Going into the planning of any event can be fraught but there was a determination to make sure that the key messages were delivered so those playing the code knew which elements to experiment with. This was going to be the first time anyone in the world outside of Konami was going to see of the game – and everyone was now primed and ready for the big day!

Make sure you guys enjoy the weekend, and make the most of the sun, and come back Monday morning to find out how the event day went!

See you then!


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