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PES 2013 Blog Day 4 – The Event!


Happy Monday! We start the week the PES 2013 embargo drops by following up on Friday’s post by telling you all what happened on event day!

The PES Team take the press through the presentation

Another early start, and one which has everyone in the zone. As I find my way to the event hall last minute checks on the workstations and presentation equipment are being done, while the PES Team go through rehearsals once again. With so much going on I find myself ‘in the way’ more than once, and decide to vacate the area and leave the professionals to it! As I enter the hotel foyer, Jon is being photographed by the film team at the event, so I join in!

Me (right) with Jon Murphy (middle) and Konami US member Andre Bronsoni (left)

As I reel away from the camera I see members of the press stream past us towards the event space, and there seems a genuine feeling of anticipation. I follow them down and take my place at the back of the room. Toru, Manorito and Naoya step up and begin the presentation. You’ll be able to get full details of it on May 30th in my impressions post 🙂

As it ends we are shown towards the demo pods, and the PES 2013 playtests begin!

Press enjoying PES 2013

While the playtests were going on interviews were also taking place with the PES Team. As people were being dragged away from the demo pods, it meant there was finally some room for me to get in on the action. The interviews were being held in a separate room, with the PES Team and Jon Murphy taking questions throughout the day.

Interviews taking place

As the day came to a close it was nice to see people trying to have one more game, and having to be led out of the room with promises of amazing food waiting for them outside. To be fair, it wasn’t Konami being sneaky, the meal we had that evening was incredible. Imagine a buffet steakhouse, and you sort of get where I’m coming from!

So, we’re almost there. Just 2 days left before the embargo drops! Tomorrow we’ll be posting about the outstanding Santos v Bolivar game, and start to hint on one of the new elements in PES 2013…

Don’t miss it!

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