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PES 2013 Blog Day 5 – Santos v Bolivar


We’re almost there! Soon you’ll hear about PES 2013, possibly even as early as this evening…

Our view of the game, great seats!

The day after the event, Konami kindly took us to a key Copa Libertadores quarter final game, between Santos and Bolivar! Everyone was extremely excited about the prospect of seeing the likes of Neymar and Ganso up close, much admired players in real life and of course in PES. The actual match was set up perfectly, with Santos trailing 2-1 from the first leg. There was a lot of hostility between the two teams after the first leg, so a fiery affair was on the cards!

Senior Producer Naoya Hatsumi looks on

On the way there there was a twist on proceedings, as we were told we’d be sitting in the away stand due to the game being sold out! The prospect of being situated between a rock and a hard place certainly got my pulse racing, I wasn’t frightened at all. Not one bit…

As we got to the stadium and took our seats, I realised any fears were unfounded, as the whole crowd was engrossed with the match, which turned out to be one to remember!

An incredible scoreline to an incredible game!

As soon as the game started, Neymar, Ganso, Elano and Co took control of proceedings, and with the help of some questionable goalkeeping, took a 5-0 first half lead. The second half went the same way, with Neymar pulling out his full repertoire of tricks and skills to entertain the crowd.

For full highlights of the game, click here!

Neymar scores the first of his two goals from the spot

The special moment, certainly from the PES camp, was when Neymar was performing some of his signature tricks. As he danced around a few players, a large chunk of our crowd shouted ‘PLAYER ID!’ It was a fantastic moment, and proved just how far Konami had come in replicating players like the Santos star in the game.

The video below shows said trick in action, see if you can figure out which one he did! Doing so correctly gives you a nice little hint in what to expect tomorrow 😉


Talking of hints, as mentioned right at the top of the post, you won’t have to wait until tomorrow for the first PES 2013 content! That’s right, make sure you’re checking the official Konami PES site later today for the first images of the new game!

We’re back tomorrow for another blog post, and of course the end of the embargo! With so much content coming you simply can’t afford to miss it!

It begins!

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