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PES 2013 Blog Day 6 – Ready For Lift Off!


Today is the day! In a matter of hours the first impressions of PES 2013 will be all over the internet!

With our build-up to launch finally complete, the day you’ve been waiting for is finally here. Before we have lift off, we’ll have a quick look at the screenshot that was released last night on the official Konami website.

The initial reaction from the community was mixed, mainly because the image looked extremely similar to last year. It’s something we here at WENB have been trying to inform you guys, to make it clear Konami’s main focus for PES 2013 is the gameplay. While some improvements will no doubt be made to the visuals, we’re working from the same base as last year.

The key element in the picture you must take from it, is the motion captured of Cristiano Ronaldo. His shooting animation is unique, and wildly different to last year. It’s a hallmark of Player ID, one of the many elements you’ll hear about today, and certainly something I think will impress everyone.

Player ID goes someway in trying to replicate the world stars perfectly, and with Ronaldo being the cover star you’d be right in thinking he’s someone the PES Team have managed to replicate. The way he dribbles, runs, passes, shoots etc has been captured, and finds itself into the game. It’s a sight to behold!

While the image might bring back memories of last year, after today you’ll realise the game is very different to PES 2012.

So, to today then! The plan is very simple and easy for you all to follow:


1pm UK Time: Konami will launch the official PES 2013 website, including game information and new screens!

1pm UK Time: WENB PES 2013 Impressions. To be released in a variety of languages.

2pm UK Time: Links to all impressions from the press who attended the playtest, updated throughout the day.

9pm UK Time: WENB Podcast.

So make sure you stick around, we’re all set for an amazing day!

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