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PES 2013 @ E3 Wins CVG Award


A solid performance well rewarded.

Nearly two weeks have passed since this years E3 came to a close. Since then, those in gaming press who were in attendance have taken the time to reflect on the event before offering up their own best (and sometimes worst!) in show awards. CVG are no different, and a short time ago they posted their own take as to what was ”Best in Show’‘ and PES 2013 finds itself on the the winners podium having been awarded ”Best Sports Title of E3 2012”. Read below for what they had to say :

”There’s little to choose between the excellent PES 2013 and FIFA 13, so in the interests of bias, I’ll plump for Konami’s game – if only for so successfully escaping the tragedy of its early days on PS3. Full manual passing and shooting liberates the play, and you need to work harder than Superman with a kryptonite tin opener to split opposition defenders. The Player ID system makes star players like Ronaldo and Iniesta feel truly unique, and the first touch system allows skilled players to elevate themselves further above newcomers. Visually, it’s still less fluid than FIFA, but both games are worth shaking your Tica-takas at.” – Daniel Dawkins, PSM3/Xbox World editor.

”Calling it the best perhaps implied it’s now ahead of its nemesis FIFA, which would be too big a call to make this early, but under new creative management Konami’s series is certainly the most improved. (About time too, frankly.) The passing seemed more subtle, the dribbling a lot less rigid, and most tellingly the old thrill triggered by scoring was back in full effect.” – Tim ClarkFuture games senior editor.

Having read PSM3 and Official Playstation Magazine for way longer than I can remember, both Daniel and Tim have made no secret of their love of football games over the years – particularly PES – and have always held out a candle in hope during the ”bad years”, so praise from these guys is praise worthy of consideration.

Further confirmation that the game went down well at this years event is always welcome and makes the wait to play it maybe feel that little bit longer!

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