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PES 2013 : EU/UK Release Date Confirmed?


The plot thickens.

The PES community sure have been busy this Monday, and winningeleven.es have unearthed what could be the biggest bombshell of all pre – Gamescom in the form of what might prove to be the games EU release date of 20th September 2012, compliments of xbox.com.

Further checking of the English language version of the site also confirms the same date of 20th September, but that is a Thursday, so if this proves to be true, we would reckon the UK version would be released on the 21st September at the earliest.

It should be stressed that nothing has been confirmed by Konami as yet, and while that remains the case we have to still treat this as speculation for the moment, even if it is Microsoft who are offering up such information. One thing is for sure though, the release date will be confirmed this week.

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