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PES 2013 Playtest : Questions Wanted!


Help us to help you.

As reported in the latest podcast, WENB (along with other community sites) will be attending a post-E3 playtest* of PES 2013 on Wednesday June 13th. With this being a great opportunity to not only see how the game is progressing, it can also serve as an opportunity to keep our community informed beyond our own take, so with this in mind we would like any gameplay related questions you may have.

What we will not be able to obtain any specifics on at this playtest is information pertaining to game modes, licences, online functionality/performance or individual player stats, so don’t go wasting your opportunity to get some answers on the game by asking something that simply cannot be answered at this stage. So remember, anything relating to gameplay exclusively can and should be asked about!

If you do have a question for the WENB team regarding the game, you are welcome to post it in the comments section below or on the forums.

*If the version of the game we get our hands on at the event is the same as the one shown at E3, then it will consist of 4 Spanish teams and 4 Copa Libertadores teams, with what we believe to be no more than 4 stadiums to choose from.

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