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PES 2013 Chant Packs!


Forum member and community legend Chuckbass has collated and created an enormous amount of team chants, ready for you to import into your version of PES 2013!

This is extraordinary, and we had to let you all know about it. Chuckbass has collated chants from around the world, from team and league specific, ranging to general match atmosphere.

There is simply too much to explain in one post, but rest assured he has created a comprehensive guide of how to import them into your game, and a whole host of download links ranging from all the leagues and team specific chants.

Here’s an introduction from the man himself, with a link to the download page at the end:

CUSTOM-MADE CHANT PACKS FOR PES 2013 on the PS3 – by chuckbass


As a massive fan of Pro Evo throughout the years, one of my favourite features has always been the edit mode. The chance to enhance the game we all love to play is most welcome and as an avid user of many of the OF’s, customised kits, emblems, created teams/players – I strived to find a way I could add my own small contribution to a community that continues to make PES the definitive football game for me…enter CHANTS 😎

After downloading some chants through community member ‘neilez2’ back on PES 2011 (I think?!) – I thought to myself what would it sound like in-game if rather than having an mp3 with just one chant, you could make your own 1-2minute mp3 that contained a variety of chants, fading in and out like a real crowd with a variety of volume levels to try and capture the real sounds of real stadiums across the world…

After scouring youtube and the internet for crowd audio & lots of time in audio editing software making my own mp3’s I found the results to be rather successful and after a bit of a stop/start affair with releasing packs for use in PES 2011/PES 2012 – PES 2013 now truly realises the ‘evolution’ of the idea conceived 2 years ago and the release of COMPREHENSIVE chant packs for the whole community to share, enjoy and enhance over the coming months.

What They Work On

First and foremost these chant packs have been created for the PS3 version of PES 2013. In respect to the 360/PC versions of the game, I am unsure whether they can be transferred/adapted to those systems.

In the process of creating the chants, I did once download adx file formatted chants (what is used on the PC) and was able to convert them into mp3 for use on the PS3. Therefore, it may be possible to do the opposite and convert mp3 –> adx and be able to use on the PC. For the 360, I am unsure how chants work and whether you can use them in edit mode.

Between the PES community I am certain we’ll be able to get answers whether they can be put to use on the 360/PC – but for now, these have been made for the PS3.

How To Install In Your Game

These chant packs and the individual mp3’s can be used/assigned to ANY TEAM within PES 2013. Unlike say kits/logo’s whereby you cannot edit the team’s already licensed in the game – you can add chants to every single team, that includes any created teams from the various OF’s you may have installed.

For a step-by-step guide from how to download, transfer to USB, adding to your PS3 harddrive & assigning in-game – I have made the following tutorial πŸ˜‰ (Now I did want Morgan Freeman to narrate…but then heard a rumour he died, so had to do it myself!) Any questions on the process just ask. TWO-PARTER because it’s just THAT epic!




Final Word

It’s been a loooong process thus far to get these out to everyone, so I really do hope you all enjoy them and they enhance your gaming experience I see this initial release as the foundations of what will hopefully cement WENB as the place to be for all your PES chants! I’ll be looking to create more throughout the months we enjoy with PES 2013 and as always your comments, feedback and engagement is more than welcome and encouraged so that these packs can be tailored to what the PES community wants.

I can’t express enough how much I feel they add to matches – hearing the chants/songs in-game that we’re used to listening to when we watch football in reality really ramps up the occasion and can make such a difference!

Appreciate everyone’s support and desire for these to be released. Special Thanks to: ‘Rob’ & ‘Steve’ – you guys made my desire for the chant pack’s being released a reality with your inspirational community rallying cry during poddy 131 πŸ˜‰ ‘wnn670’ – cheers for the testing in-game and feedback! neilez2 – for getting me hooked on the possibilities of chants back in the day! ALL THE GUYS ON THE WENB BOARDS who joined in discussions re the chants and kept the faith!



Click hereΒ for all the download links! Password to unlock the rar files once downloaded : chuckbasschants



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