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PES 2013 Training Mode


PES 2013 introduces a new training mode, giving users a new way to learn new (and old) mechanics. It’s a welcome feature, although I do think it needs more visual indicators in a variety of sections. Despite a controller appearing on screen talking you through when to press the button(s), it’s not wholly accurate, and you have to figure out certain things through intuition.

Below we detail all the sections, with their official blurb. Impressions directly below each section.


1) Deft Touch Dribble
2) Double Touch

“The game now features Deft Touch Dribbling and Double Touch! Both are easy to pull off and come in very handy when trying to beat opposition defenders. Master it in training and make these moves yours!”

The new Deft Touch Dribbling, done by holding R2, is a key weapon in PES 2013. The first training section is about beating players with it, while the second teaches you the Iniesta side-step named Double Touch. You do this by letting go of the left stick, tapping to either side of the player with the right stick, then pushing forward with the left stick again.


1) Hold-up Play
2) Pressure
3) Tackle

“Controls for tackling, hold-up play and pressuring have also changed. Try them out in training and see how they work now.”

The is the first insight into how defending has changed for the better, even if this training session isn’t well detailed at first. The Hold-up Play is getting you used to holding R2 & X, although I wasn’t too sure what I needed to do to succeed. All I had to do was not tackle the player, despite him coming very close to me, and just stop him from scoring for short amount of time.

The pressure mechanic is the same as last year, although the new Tackle move is new. A perfectly timed double tap of the X button sees your player stretch in to tackle, and doing so well passes the challenge.


1) Perfect Trap
2) Flick (Sombrero)
3) Flick (Volley)

“There’s now a lot more variety to trapping the ball with the introduction of Perfect Trap and the Flick. Practice them in training to learn even more tricks to fool the defence with.”

The first training section that falls apart for me, and shows Konami need to work on teaches this element. The main issue is the fact the game doesn’t tell you when to press the trap button in an easy to learn visual way. Simple telling you to press R2 or R3 just before you receive the ball isn’t enough, and causes huge issues by the time you get to the Flick (Volley) section. I was on this for absolutely ages, as I didn’t really know when to press the R3 when the ball came over. Pressing ‘just before’ the ball meets your player is vague, and you’ll find doing just that doesn’t mean you did it.


1) Long-Pass
2) Lofted Long Pass

“Long-passes have changed with the addition of Lofted Long Pass. You’ll need to get used to this in training as the previous long-pass now has a lower trajectory than it used to.”

Really nice insight into just how low and driven the normal long pass is now. Still over head height, just, the ball will decend much faster and isn’t ideal in playing cross field as it will get cut out before it gets to the target.

Holding down R2 while pressing long pass pops the ball higher into the air, and is useful for clearing packed midfields, even if it takes a little longer to get to it’s target.


1) Controlled Shot
2) Knuckle Shot
3) Nutmeg Shot

“You can now really embarrass your opponent with the new Nutmeg Shot. Master it along with the Knuckle Shot and Controlled Shot in training so that you can hit them in a real matches.”

The Controlled Shot is an introduction into the R2 shooting., which is about placement and curl. Knuckle Shot on the other hand is about pure power, and the Nutmeg Shot is mainly used on goalkeepers. By aiming at the keeper close in, tapping shoot then pressing R2, the player will prod the ball in an attempt to finish through the keepers legs. Nice little animation, and not something that will work everytime.

1-2 Pass

1) 1-2 Pass
2) Dynamic One-Two

“There is now a new type of one-two pass with the addition of Dynamic One-Two. Make sure you can use them both through training.

The normal 1-2 pass is as you were, but the new Dynamic One-Two pass is certainly something to get excited about. After initiating the first pass, you can flick the right stick in any direction to make the player run that way, opening up lots of possibilities.


1) Nutmeg
2) Run Around

“The Nutmeg and Run Around are both potent skills in beating and approaching defenders. Make sure you master them in training!”

Variations of the speed burst from last year, by holding R2 then pressing R1 while aiming at the player provides you with a Nutmeg attempt. Pressing at angle aside from the defending player will result in the Run Around. You’ll find it’s very difficult to pull either off successfully, even in training.

Manual Controls

1) Manual Pass
2) Manual Long-pass
3) Manual Shot

“The Manual Shot adds an extra dimension to shooting. Get used to its intricacies in training and you could be a real sharpshooter.”

Self explanatory really, but get’s you accustomed to using the L2 manual modifier.


1) Penalties (L and R)
2) Penalties (Height)

“It’s imperative you convert your chances. Practice hitting every part of the net to make sure you can put them away with confidence.”

Same as PES 2012 training, shooting blue translucent boxes with a limited amount of balls.

Free Kicks

1) Free Kicks (L and R)
2) Free Kicks (Height)

“Don’t be afraid to go for goal with your free kicks! Practice how to get the placement just right in training and you can be a dead ball specialist!”

Same as Penalties.

Teammate Controls

1) Teammate Controls (Assisted)
2) Teammate Controls (Manual)

“Learning Teammate Controls is a sure way to add another dimension in your attack. Give yourself even more options by mastering it.”

Clicking in the right stick and highlighting a player cause him to make a run forward, but by practicing the manual control, you direct someone else on the pitch perfectly. Still difficult to do in a real match environment, though.

Off The Ball Controls

1) Off the Ball Controls (Thrown in)
2) Off the Ball Controls (Corner Kicks)
3) Off the Ball Controls (Free Kicks)

“Learning how to retain possession in set piece situations and to play the ball first-time can prove to be a huge advantage to you. Make sure you practice in training.”

Same as PES 2012 here, it teaches you not to simply whip the ball into the box, and preselect a player by using the right stick and aim your attack accordingly.

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