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PES 2014 Omissions Detailed and Explained


Ever since the news broke that there will be no rain in PES 2014, the community has been left rather worried. You guys have been left wondering what else won’t make it into the final game.

Well, no need to wonder anymore. Friend of WENB and PES European Community Manager Adam Bhatti has made a post on our forum detailing and explaining what other features won’t be in PES 2014. Rain is definitely one, but Adam also talks about stadiums and teams.

Whilst the news might not be great, we think it’s really good of Adam to let the PES community know exactly what is going on. As he himself stated in the forum post, it now allows everyone to move forward and focus on the positives.

Below is the official line regarding the exclusion of rain and you can click here to view the full forum post.

Rain has not been implemented for 2014 as we had to overhaul the whole game and build it from scratch. While implementing rainy weather itself is fairly feasible, we need to think through of how its effect shows through in gameplay. This includes the pitch becoming slippery, ball bouncing, some elements to make the team used to that climate somewhat more power in terms of balance.

We are going to try further this year to get the elements sorted and have them implemented for 2015.

As for the kits getting dirty, this triggers on multiple requirements, often to do with the player contacting the ground.

What do you guys think? Let us know in the comments section.

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