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PES 2014 Review Round-Up


The embargo is over! PES 2014 reviews and scores are now live!

Suff and Nico are currently working on the WENB verdict, but below you’ll find a list of reviews so far from various different websites. You might even notice a familiar name if you click on the link for the CVG review. I think you’ll find the overall opinion to be very positive!

IGN – 8.4/10

“Ultimately, it’s a real testament to the enduring satisfaction of PES’s gameplay – a football experience based on freedom and creativity – that it’s still worth recommending in spite of these obvious shortcomings.”

CVG – 8/10

“A fresh foundation for the series. PES 2014 has its issues, but still manages to deliver a deep and satisfying game of football.”

VideoGamer – 9/10

“The best football title this year? We’ll have to wait until FIFA appears. Until then, Konami’s back on top of the heap.”

Digital Spy – 4/5

“However, the action on the pitch is the best it’s ever been, rivalling and arguably surpassing that of FIFA, and setting up a tasty next-generation battle going forward.”

Gamespot – 6/10

“There’s still lots of fun to be had blasting goals out on the pitch and taking on friends online, but not as much fun as last year, despite some additions that should have made it more so.”

ShopTo – No score

“PES 2014 is sure to test your football skills, as the improved A.I. is smarter, playing to real-life team strengths. One-on-one interactions require patience and attention on intricate ball movements. It’s an impressive step in the right direction and it’s refreshing to see these new ideas in action.”

OPM – 8

“When PES 14 truly shines, though, it outplays its megaton rival in several key areas. If you’re willing to scrape beneath the surface and accept its technical and licensing shortcomings, then this offers a nuanced, deeply rewarding game of football. If Konami can iron out those issues next season, PES United could yet be champions.”

GodisaGeek – 9/10

“It deserves a wider audience, with Konami clearly having a corking engine on their hands in the Fox. Still, minor issues aside, this is a great way for the series to bow out on the current hardware.”

The Game Jar – 6/10

“To a degree Konami can be excused for taking a year or two out as they are most likely working on something fresh for the next generation of consoles, it’s a pitfall when you sign yourself up to yearly releases. However it doesn’t excuse the fact that for all its supposed new bells and whistles Pro Evolution Soccer 14 is nigh on the same game as last year.”

Games.ch – 90%

Games.it – 8.8/10

GamesVillage.it – 7.5/10

GamerGen – 15/20

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