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E3 2013 Special – PES 2014 Round Table Discussion Video


During our time out in Los Angeles at E3 2013 we had the privilege of playing very early code of PES 2014. After extensive hands-on with the game, we sat down and discussed our thoughts about what we played while we were on the show floor at E3.

Joining WENB’s Asim Tanvir on the mic were none other than newly appointed PES Community Manager, Adam Bhatti and he was joined alongside PES community members, Jose Aguirre and Nestor Villanueva from 8-bit Playground. Also keep an eye out for a few unexpected special guests making an appearance during the round table as well!

Check out the video below, 22 minutes of goodness!


I'm a huge fan of the PES, MGS and Uncharted series', and anything else in between. If you love a good gaming discussion or want to talk about anything else, then feel free to get in touch.


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