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PES 2015 Commentary Feedback


Commentary. Let’s be honest, it’s one area where PES 2015 needs to be improved, and that’s why we want your honest feedback.

Honest, but structured and constructive, so if you could please bear the following questions in mind before commenting with your feedback that would be great. It just makes it easier to collate and report back to Konami.

What do you not like about the commentary? Please be specific.

  • Is it too repetitive? If so, what and when.
  • Are there any gaps/delays in the commentary?
  • Anything else? Again, be specific.

What do you think about the commentary team in your region?

  • Are they good?
  • Are they considered to be the best commentary team in your region?
  • If not, who would you replace them with?

Do you have any suggestions on how the commentary could be improved?

This could be in-game, pre-match or post-match. Specific details please!

Any other issues or suggestions that relate to the commentary? Yup, once again, please be specific. Details help.

Okay, that’s it. Flood the comments with your feedback and suggestions. Go! Anything other than commentary related feedback will be removed, so please keep all comments related to the topic at hand. Thanks.

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