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PES 2015 – James Cox and Klaus Ganer Interview


As you know might know, I was at Old Trafford for a PES 2015 preview event recently.  In addition to getting hands-on with the game at an early stage, I also got some time with some key figures involved in the development of the latest iteration.

James Cox and Klaus Ganer were two of the people I got some time with, with the former heading up the UK studio and the latter working on the live data side of PES 2015.

I put some rather straight questions (about MyClub and live date) to them (hopefully they don’t come across as rude), and they were good enough to answer them (genuine thanks). Please bear in mind that they couldn’t answer everything (more to come later in the year), and apologies if the sound is off at some points. The room wasn’t the best to capture audio in, but I tried my best.


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