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PES 2015 Review Round-Up


The PES 2015 review embargo has finally lifted, and it is time to find out how the game fared with the media.

Our review for PES 2015 will be coming very soon, but in the meanwhile, check out some of these below.


The other reason why players feel great to control is the left stick dribbling. PES 2015 is brilliantly responsive, which in turn makes dribbling an utter joy.



Going shoulder to shoulder is responsive and forces the AI into second-guessing whether they can retain possession. Some will use Olympic strength to power through, others will slow up, change direction and look for a pass. Reactionary intelligence – the kind which actively seeks solutions to problems you inflict – is at the core of everything PES 2015 gets right.



Passing is also a joy. Short, long and through passes are all crisp and mostly accurate to the input on the controller. This is one area which has undoubtedly been worked on since the demo, with balls now finding their intended recipient with a lot more consistency, being less prone to treating the intended recipient as an inadvertent piggy in the middle.


The engine as a whole is superior to FIFA in other ways. Whereas that title has made strides in its dribbling – not just relying on the right stick anymore to beat a man, and seemingly reducing the size of opposition player’s hit boxes from Buckingham Palace to something more realistic – there’s still nothing to touch PES’ feeling of momentum and the importance it places on body shape.


The main advancement though is in just how much fun PES is to play. The action just feels so fast and free flowing. Shooting feels much better balanced, with player reactions seemingly faster than ever.

PES really seems to be back on form with PES 2015, with praise and high scores coming from everywhere!. Be sure to let us know your thoughts via the comment section below.

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