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PES 2017 Master League, myClub & Versus – Match Analysis Details Revealed


Konami have today lifted the lid on new details for Master League, myClub and Versus – Match Analysis in PES 2017.

There are some significant changes that have been made to Master League and myClub this year. Also, you will be able to keep track on all your matches with your friends thanks to Versus – Match Analysis. Here are the new details:


  • The Scouts required to sign the player you need is now available through the auction house. If you sign the right Scout with their specialty areas covering your star, scouting him will be so much more higher in chance. 2017 functions support the scout to make sure they try their best when you specifically describe the player you want to sign.
  • It is now easier to sign players below the rate of 75 through Top Agents and Special Agents
  • New tutorials have been created when starting myClub, making it easy for newcomers and veterans to learn everything about the mode.
  • Now you can check your opponent’s play style and tendency when matching on online matches with Match Analysis. Observe and learn your opposition’s approach, and change your Advanced Instructions to take command and control of the next match.

Master League

  • Significant changes to the transfer system, with new dedicated budgets for transfer funds and player wages. More variety in the negotiation such as 6 month loan, and signing the player during his loan period
  • The element of time has been added to the last day on transfer windows, setting a deadline to add excitement and tension to sign your players, just like in real life football.
  • Directors will also play their role on giving advice to the player for negotiations.
  • Team role which has been a popular addition since 2016 sees further enhancement with now 22 roles compared to 10 in PES 2016, with added roles such as ‘Hero’ and ‘Bad Boy’. This allows for more character establishment for your team.
  • Player Growth system has been improved, with players now acquiring not just abilities as in PES 2016 but also skills. Some players may see a boost in their abilities while on loan.
  • Day and night match balancing throughout the season, taking into account real life kick off times.
  • Training system has been further improved, with players now being able to learn skills and establish their play style through Training. In PES 2017 players can now learn their position, enabling you to further realize your ideal player and team.

Versus – Match Analysis

  • New feature within certain match modes tracks your player history for offline matches with friends, as well as your playing styles
  • Never have to wonder who is better between you and your friends, as the mode will track everything from games won, lost, drawn, to goals scored and conceded
  • Versus also deeply tracks playing style, such as possession play or if you like to counter attack. It will also let you know your favorite move, such as sliding tackle or interception

Are you happy with the added features and changes for the modes above in PES 2017? Let us know in the comment section below.

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6 years ago

Loving the transfer deadline on ML
Long awaited addition this
PES 2017 will be lit

6 years ago

“players can now learn their position” Oh god yes the one thing that made me frustrated in master league is now fixed

6 years ago

Is PC version made on the PS4 engine?