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PES Club Manager Out Now For iOS & Android


Konami have today announced the release of PES Club Manager, available now for iOS and Android devices.

The football manager titles makes use of 3D elements using the Pro Evolution Soccer Console Game Engine that powers the critically acclaimed PES 2015. It will be released in 18 localized, including UK English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, Chinese, Swedish and LATAM dialects and is absolutely free to play.

PES Club Manager lets players develop a small club, eventually turning them into the Real Madrid’s and Barcelona’s of today. Players are tasked with taking their team to the top and becoming the best club manager in the world, with over 5,000 licensed players available to them. PES 2015’s stunning 3D visuals are utilized within the mobile game, representing a spectacular level of realism. Matches truly reflect the tactical systems implemented by the user, with the licensed players also instantly recognizable in how they move and play. A simple menu interface also allows users to make changes to tactics mid-match, with the on-field action instantly adapting to reflect the defensive or offensive push. All the licensed players in the game reflect their real-life counterparts and outline their playing style and key abilities.

It also features a unique Player Management system, which players can use to boost their playing squad. You can buy new players through the transfer market, with the highest bidders getting a player through real-time auctions. There is also a scouting systems, which can be used to find hidden gems and the Youth Academy is also there to bring the next Lionel Messi’s in your club, developing them as they grow. Players can be developed individually by focusing on different skills, well-known from the Pro Evolution Soccer series to improve personal and team skills throughout the season, further enhancing the strength of the team.

There is also a My Home Town feature included. This lets users  customize and manage the surrounding town environment of your stadium. Upgrading your facilities, such as youth academies, club house and medical facilities, are key in strengthening your team. Every facility will give different advantages, for example increase revenues and improving training conditions for your players. Tashiro Tomotada, President for Konami Digital Entertainment B.V stated:

PES CLUB MANAGER represents our most ambitious and technically demanding mobile title to date. We have used the skills and expertise of the world-renowned PES development team to add a level of visual acuity that brings PES CLUB MANAGER’s incredible on-field action to vibrant life. The season kicks off on a global basis today, and we look forward to extending the reach of the respected PES series to an all-new audience.

You can pick up PES Club Manager now via iOS and Android. Be sure to let us know your thoughts on the game via the comment section below.

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7 years ago

Ideas that should have been implemented in the PES 2016 career mode, not a mobile title….

7 years ago
Reply to  Jordan

This is where FIFA is so vulnerable since it has failed to appeal to real football fans. A huge disappointment if this is mobile exclusive.

Holy Ghost
Holy Ghost
7 years ago

Waste of resources..!?
Just concentrate on the flipping game.