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PES Sells 7m Copies in 2009


Well, 6.96m copies in 9 months to be exact.

MCV reported on Konami’s profit drop year on year, but with it gave us some details on how the PES series is doing. Totally unsure how well the number is compared to previous years, but going off general performance in the industry, 7m copies is massive!

To put it into perspective, THQ were in serious financial pressure before UFC 2009 came out. 3.5m copies sold later, and they’re doing just fine.

And while PES has no doubt taken a battering from FIFA, you need to look at the bigger picture. Some people said I was in Konami PR mode when stating the sales figures of both EA and PES were incomparable due to overhead costs. Looking at it now months later, I’m hoping you start to understand what I mean. Taking in mind things like development costs, marketing costs, and even licenses, you feel Seabass & Co aren’t in such a bad place – even though many would like you to think otherwise.

With 3 years on the new systems under their belts, and a full year of fan feedback ringing in their ears, I’m extremely confident we’ll see them eclipse that figure comfortably in 2010.

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