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PES 2018

That’s right, it’s happened. Konami have unveiled their ball-shaped package revealing a new PES game. It’s just a teaser at the mo but my God, it looks incredible. There will be a full reveal June 13th, which coincidentally puts it in line with E3. To be fair, they’ve probably done that on purpose. Anyway, I won’t steal Jonny’s thunder as he posted a story full of extra bits of info, which you can read here: PES 2018 Announced!


Ubisoft goes all out

Not only has PES info been dropped but Ubisoft have gone all kinds of mad, teasing a bunch of games that we’ll see at E3 next month. Assassin’s Creed, which was leaked last week, Far Cry 5, The Crew 2 have all been mentioned but we can expect to see some other bits and pieces thrown into the mix. Not a huge amount is known about these sequels but we do have a logo for each, so there’s that.

F1 2017 going old school

If the above wasn’t enough to whet your appetite then the announcement that F1 2017 is introducing classic F1 cars might finish you off. Codemasters have announced that 12 classic F1 cars will be coming to F1 2017 including; Williams FW14B and Ferrari F2002 with others a part of the deluxe edition of the game. The classic cars will be integrated into the new career mode too, so it’s not just some extra cars for the lolz. Also, you’ll be able to play F1 2017 on August 25th when it releases on PS4, PC and Xbox One.


Shadow of Phwoar

A brand new trailer has dropped today showcasing the open-world gameplay from the sequel to Shadow of Mordor – Middle Earth: Shadow of War. The first game was a personal favourite of mine and this looks to ramp it up a gear. From the trailer, we can already see that the environments will be a bit more varied from last time, with lush forests and snow-capped mountains. It also looks a hell of a lot bigger. In fact, I think they’ve just upped the size of every aspect of the game. One thing worth noting too. Project Scorpio is listed in the video description, separate to Xbox One. Could be nothing but it certainly raised my brow.


Phantom Dust out now, for free

Phantom Dust is available to download on PC and Xbox One AND it’s completely free. The game originally released on first Xbox, way back when, and has now had a lick of remaster paint to hike up its visuals. If you aren’t sure what Phantom Dust is all about Microsoft have got your back. The video below, aptly titled “What is Phantom Dust?” should hold the answers to that very question.


Xbox Backwards Compatibility Sale

Ever wish you could go back to the good ol’ days? The days where the World wasn’t going to pot. The days where the US President wasn’t an unhinged, narcissistic, reality TV star that would probably have you fired for mentioning his time arm appendages. Well, you can’t. Sorry. But what you can do is use the aid of Video games to escape the real world and Microsoft have just announced a mega sale on backwards compatible games. What perfect timing. That’s a beautiful cocktail of escapism and nostalgia, all bundled into a reasonably priced package. There are a tonne of games available for purchase with some tasty discounts, some even up to 75% off. So if there are any games you missed from the last generation of consoles this is the perfect time to snag a bargain. You can see the full list over at Major Nelson’s Blog.

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