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PES United Podcast Episode 15 – PES Yoda?!


The awesome guys over at PES United invited me on their fantastic podcast after my adventures at Gamescom, a chance I couldn’t resist, so it’s only right that I give the latest episode exposure it deserves.

We love the guys over at PES United, their podcast is fantastic, so when you’re done listening to the latest episode make sure you bookmark the site and subscribe to the audio festivities.

Anyway, click here to head on over to listen to their wonderful podcast. It’s a PES 2015 filled bonanza with plenty of laughs and information.

Apparently I’m the PES Yoda now or something. *Yoda voice* Hmm. Good things I see for PES 2015. Ahem. Sorry.

Joint Editor-in-Chief of this wonderful place. Over 10 years of games industry experience on all sides of the fence and more! Huge Metal Gear fan and all-round geek.


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