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PES United We Stand!


It is our absolute pleasure to introduce PES United, the first US based PES Community Site! Please give them a big PES Community introduction and head over to PES-UNITED.com.

Founded by long-time PES fan Charles Adams, a close friend of the WENB team, PES United aims to become a hub for PES faithful in North America and represent them in the global PES Community. With a star-studded team including some major PES community members B-Man, Charlie Ward & Patrick Lambe, these guys mean business.

They will be offering the PES community some unique experiences, including their very own podcasts series, PES Moments and the soon to be world renowned PES Hero’s campaign. We wouldn’t want to give away too much so be sure to check out their site which launches today. You might even hear a familiar WENB voice on their introductory podcast!

I'm a huge fan of the PES, MGS and Uncharted series', and anything else in between. If you love a good gaming discussion or want to talk about anything else, then feel free to get in touch.


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