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"PES, What I Want From You"


It’s not common that I’ll link a forum thread on the front page. It takes some creative writing, really well thoughtout statements and have the ability to ignite a reaction in all of us. Named “PES : What I Want From You”, that’s exactly what this particular thread has in abundance.

Forum member G7SEV, the creator of the topic, created a wish list of what he would like to see in a future PES release. But far from being a simple list, the post dissects the sport in every minute detail creating what we all would call the ultimate football game – if it ever existed.

Take a look at his first post:

Ok the following is a list of things I have compiled that I would like to see in my beloved PES. It is not a finished list. I am a dreamer so I want the best and everything possible but as you will see, some things are not that hard to have/want. Also some have been in the game before I just want them back and it is the little things that can make a big difference.

Animation:PES needs an overhaul in this department.

  • 360 degree turning with full body motion capturing technology. No more PES Ps2 animations please or Baywatch running.
  • Proper face production. The face’s look really good in PES but they are lifeless.
  • New goalkeeper animations for taking the ball etc.
  • Eradicate the foot planting issue.
  • If possible use real stars using motion capturing technology to get their running styles etc. Bring the unique feeling back to PES.
  • Better animations for the penalty kick takers. Some seem to hit the ball with their toe.
  • New animation for shooting and slide tackling. Where by the slide is very different depending on good or bad foot or ability to defend/slide tackle.
  • The ability to slide for the ball and keep it in from going out for a throw, corner or goal (it was in PES before).
  • HD kits.
  • The lighting is very good but maybe more dynamic.
  • Also the colour palette needs to be dulled, it’s too bright.
  • No invisible wall on throw in’s.
  • New animations for players making gestures, pulling up socks, being tired in extra time in games etc.
  • Different types of injury not just knee.
  • Trick stick should be analog not d-pad.
  • Keep nailing the ball physics and have it as a separate entity.

Master League:

  • Real currency, more than one option… Euros, Sterling etc
  • A more in depth statistical engine that records every detail.
  • Better negotiations that are balanced properly.
  • Cup games that are European should be played at night.
  • Aggregate scores on score board during game.
  • Pop up box in corner that fills you in on goals in other games, red cards etc. it would add to a tense must win game if your rival is winning.
  • Balance the fixture list. Im sick of playing an opening game at night or the rest play theirs at night. It would add depth and realism.
  • Better scouting system.
  • Name the leagues rather than having D1, D2 etc
  • Man of the match performances should be balanced from overall stats of the game e.g. Carrick pass and tackle completion is in the high 80’s and Rooney comes on in the 85th minute, scores the winner and gets man of the match with an 8.5 rating and Carrick gets 6.5.
  • Loaning players out should be available.
  • Injuries should be varied other than just knee.
  • Sponsors should be in the game. That way you can increase revenue to purchase players.
  • Time period’s for transfers should be balanced better e.g. make an offer on the day get the transfer done on the day instead of waiting.

Cut Scenes:

  • In places they should be cut, for example… a quick corner or throw in.
  • More variation in celebrations (not just defenders celebrating with the scorer) Or when you score and celebrate with substitute team mates make it so that it is not just the first 3 players on your substitute bench, they are predominantly defenders.
  • It would be a nice addition to have a cut scene where if you take off your captain you see the captain hand the armband to the vice captain. (Sean Rainey’s idea)
  • Better and more varied trophy winning celebrations. If possible have the presentation in the stadium stands e.g. Wembley.
  • In BAL mode if you are a substitute it would be a nice addition to see yourself warm up on the touchline and also witness it at half time.
  • I would like to see the intro to internationals bring back the tracksuit top for teams to wear over the jersey when lining up before the game. It does not have to be every team or all the time but have it there and have it random.
  • With better face modelling we could have life in the players faces when they score or have an anguishing look on their face in cut scenes.
  • When a player is booked (red or yellow) sometimes they should react badly to it. Almost argue. Players should also argue like they do in real life. Ronaldo waving his finger in disapproval. Italian or South American players begging with their hands to their mouth or chest.
  • Also if a player is injured change the animation so that it represents the injury. Don’t have it that the player ALWAYS holds his knee.
  • Also vary the medics that come onto the pitch. Make it two or three scenes where its either a stretcher, being walked off by physio’s or being driven off with the lil’ ambulance buggy.
  • An intro that shows the stadium from outside would be nice also.
  • At the end of a game the stadium should be half empty rather than packed to capacity.

Weather, Day, Night, Pitch:

  • It would be nice if you started a game in overcast weather that it would either rain during the game or get sunny/clear up during it.
  • Same thing goes for evening time kick off. Like if its evening time, gradually it gets darker and the floodlights come on.
  • I would like to see snow, not just on the side of the pitch. Actually snow.
  • All the weather affects should have an affect on the game. Like if it is raining the ball skids along the surface. If it snows the pitch will be hard and the ball would have a heavy bounce.
  • I would also like to see pitches being torn up due to weather affects and slide tackling.
  • Visible breath in cold conditions also and the kits should be able to get dirty.
  • Strong winds would be a good addition. It would alter the ball physics and how you play.

Referees and Goalkeepers:

  • Balance them.

Sounds, Commentators:

  • The sounds need improving in stadiums. They can be lifeless and add no atmosphere. Especially in an important game or a cup final.
  • Maybe they can code the game so that the game understands important games or time periods/scores in games so that if it is 1:1 in a cup final or important game the crowd increase there desperate roar and becomes tense and nail biting.
  • I don’t think the commentators need to be changed, well Lawrenson definitely but they need more lines. They need to be more excited, have varied ways of saying a players name or have off the topic quick conversations that are not cheesy.
  • Maybe give a fact about the club or player while commentating.
  • Make it consistent so that you don’t have a commentator saying “ooh that’s a definite sending off” when all you have done is barely touch a player.
  • The ball sounds are DREADFUL and so are the crossbar/post sounds. They need changing.
  • Fans should react accordingly to the game and decisions in the game. Like a bad foul, a screamer or a vital goal. It will add atmosphere.

Leagues, Licensing, Edit Mode, Kits, Stadiums and everything inbetween:

We know PES struggles to compete in this market but that would be helped if they would not lose licenses they had. I know an extensive edit mode helps but we would like Konami to try harder.

  • Maybe get the Russian and Turkish leagues? Nobody has them so why not try.
  • If it is possible get the German league, Championship, lower divisions from Italy, France etc.
  • More stadiums are needed for variation, even if its well detailed generic stadiums.
  • If a team is being heavily beaten etc you should see the stadium gradually empty for the losing team.
  • Choice of kits before game should include an option to mix them up and a keeper kit selection. Also a third choice kit should be available.
  • If licences are not obtainable then a huge more in depth well modifiable edit mode is needed.
  • The ability to save as many emblems etc is a must.
  • Extensive customisable kits are a must.
  • Short socks, different colour gloves, and two versions of tape on socks, long sleeve undertop for jersey, neck warmer.
  • Lots more hairstyles and facial hair.
  • Short socks.
  • Lots of variations of the boots. Like three colours of the Mercuril Vapours etc.
  • The PES shop should come back.
  • All star teams.
  • Classic club teams would be a welcome addition e.g. 90’s Ajax, Man Utd etc
  • Better stat balancing and proper statistical judgement. That way players are not amazing because they are a big name. Like Adriano etc

I have touched some areas and by no means am I finished but these are some of my suggestions and thoughts. Feel free to add your own and discuss what I have missed. By no means am I slating PES as I love it I am just airing some suggestions and wanting back in the things they took out.

Not much to do then…

This particular list evoked a reaction from the forum members, and what followed was one of the most intelligent and thoroughly enjoyable conversations between huge PES fans.

Click here to see the thread and get involved.

Fingers crossed the right people see this thread and realise what the fans really want.

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