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PES2010 Demo available on XBLA / PSN / PC on September 17th


Accoring to @MrBamber (PR for Jelly Media, Konami’s UK PR arm, or one of them), the PES2010 demo will be available tomorrow, September 17th! Not sure what time yet, but keep your eye out for it from midday onwards – we’ll let you know when it appears.

Let us know on the forums what you think of it when you do get your hands on it – keep in mind that the build may be behind the latest code that we’ve played…

UPDATE: The demo features two club sides; Liverpool FC and FC Barcelona as well as four national sides; Spain, Italy, France and Germany. PESFan have updated their site.

UPDATE 2: Further estimated details have emerged about timings of the demo’s availablility:

PC available approx 9am GMT
Xbox 360 on Live 12pm GMT
PS3 on PSN 5pm GMT

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