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PES2011 3DS Impressions Emerge! *UPDATED*


Only a few days after it’s reveal at the official 3DS unveiling in Amsterdam, IGN have posted up their impressions of PES’ debut on Nintendo’s new 3D handheld.

Click HERE to read what it is a very positive first take on the up and coming title.

More on this potential gem as we get it.


A couple of more impressions of the game have surfaced.

Pocket-lint have posted some hands-on, with Metro and Buzz Focus also offering up some very positive vibes of PES’ first steps into the 3D realm.

Further to these impressions, PES producer Naoya Hatsumi has not ruled out the introduction of 3D to future PS3 and 360 versions, though he does appear at pains to note that the 3DS’ small display may well prove to be more of a benefit when trying to realise 3D effectively and practically for the franchise. Still, it doesn’t sound as though the idea is being completely ruled out and you can read his sound bytes in an article posted on CVG.

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