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PES2011 Goalkeeper News Emerges


Thanks again to the guys over at German PES super-site prorevo for this excellent spot in the games US press release!

Firing it through Google Translate we get the following:

On the edge of the press release from the American colleagues by Konami Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 we noticed that in this announcement, an additional passage, compared to the news in Europe, exist.

The original US press release reads:

“Improved Goalkeepers: In keeping with the basis of total freedom of movement, players now have more control over their keeper. This greater control Allows for quick roll-outs, instinctive saves, pinpoint accuracy with goal kicks, and precision ball distribution to make quicker breaks or playing down the clock easier. “

Prorevo then dig a little deeper and post :

You have to control more control and be able even the keeper in one-on-1 situations, or at least to influence his behavior, you decide how to respond to the goalkeeper.

Also, you can throw the ball quickly and directly. Currently, there are always a little break where the goalie stands around with the ball. This is bridged with PES2011 and you have more influence on the shedding. So you can for example those not just throwing to a teammate, but also free in the room. Depending on your command.

Furthermore, we would interpret this passage so that the keeper the ball is not automatically jump starts. Thus, for e.g. flay headed for a return of Mann’s own bit of time before you equip the ball with his hands. The striker go but, as in the Realtität to the man at that time just to stop play.

Superb work again guys! For the original, untranslated source of the post by prorevo please click HERE

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